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The only safe ship in a storm is leadership.
~Faye Wattleton

Welcome to the Flying High Hall of Fame, celebrating the extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to the Missoula Businesswomen's Network and society. Each has helped raise the standards and level of professionalism in business, while inspiring and mentoring future generations, laying the groundwork that encourages us all to strive for excellence.


Our latest winner is Judy Gilman,
who received the award on November 28, 2018. Congrats!


Judy Gilman Flying High Recipient November 2018

Previous Winners

Trish Anderson

April 2018

November 2017

February 2017

November 2016

Casey Dawes

January 2016

Karen Schlatter

Karen Schlatter
March 2015

Joanne McCormick Headshot Photo  

Joanne McCormick
February 2014

Judy Wright Headshot

Judy Wright
March 2013

Bridget McMillion Headshot Photo

Bridget McMillion

March 2012

Deidre Flaherty 

Deidre Flaherty
March 2012

Michelle Allen
April 2011

Sue Wanner Headshot Photo

Sue Wanner
February 2011

Kim Kinsinger Headshot Photo

Kim Kinsinger
April 2010

Connie Slagle Headshot Photo 

Connie Slagle
October 2010

Karen Orzech Headshot Photo

Karen Orzech
December 2009

DeDe Adams Headshot Photo 

DeDe Adams
November 2009

Kinzie Kinzel

Kinzie Kinzel
September 2009

Sydney Carlino

Sydney Carlino
April 2009

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson
January 2009

Beth Dietter

Beth Dietter
December 2008

Linda Kavashan

Linda Kavashan
September 2008

Beth Price

Beth Price
May 2008

Jodi Bowser Headshot

Jodi Bowser
April 2008

Shawn Gray

Shawn Gray
September 2007

Kathy Headlee Headshot Photo

Kathy Headlee
May 2007

Justine Morris

Justine Morris
April 2007

Sharon Hamilton Headshot Photo

Sharon Hamilton
February 2007

Sally Cannata

Sally Cannata
December 2006

Linda Faulkner

Linda Faulkner
April 2006

Bernadette Hunter

Bernadette Hunter
February 2006

Kim Gibbs Headshot Photo

Kim Gibbs
December 2005

Michelle Pickell

Michelle Pickell
February 2005

Robin Nelson Headshot Photo

Robin Nelson
December 2004

Lois McElravy Headshot Photo

Lois McElravy
May 2004

Sarah Raymond

Sarah Raymond
April 2004

Martha Ripley

Martha Ripley
March 2004

Penney Kempfert Headshot Photo

Penny Kempfert
February 2004

Peggy Kupper Headshot Photo

Peggy Kupper
January 2004

Kathy Schulte Headshot Photo

Kathy Schulte
December 2003

Kathleen Jenkinson Headshot Photo

Kathleen Jenkinson
November 2003

Jamie McGarvey

Jamie McGarvey
October 2003


The Flying High Hall of Fame honors the extraordinary achievements ofMBN leaders—from their significant business contributions to their personal commitments to society. Only recipients with photos are listed above. For a complete record,  click here.